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Visit Laser Spine Institute’s surgery center in St. Louis

St. Louis Facility Exterior

450 N. New Ballas Road
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Visiting Laser Spine Institute’s St. Louis center is the first step in your journey to getting back to the life you love. When you choose to undergo minimally invasive spine surgery at our center, you’re choosing the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. Our state-of-the-art medical facility is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care, and each member of our highly-skilled team is dedicated to making your experience as streamlined and comfortable as possible.

We understand that the decision to undergo surgery — even minimally invasive surgery — does not come easily, and we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have along the way and will show you the world-class care for which we are known.

The facility

Upon entering our 36,000-square-foot surgery center, you will be greeted with a warm smile from one of our friendly associates. These team members will be able to direct you to the appropriate areas of our facility as well as answer any questions you may have about your visit with us.

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St. Louis Facility Interior

Clinic exam room

Our St. Louis facility is equipped with 10 exam rooms, which will host your initial consultation as well as any other appointments you have. These rooms are spacious enough to bring a friend or family member with you to your appointments, and we encourage you to do so.

Patient café

Our St. Louis patient café is a comfortable area where you and a friend or family member can rest and socialize. Equipped with large screen televisions, games and complimentary internet access, there are plenty of ways to stay busy and engaged. For your convenience, there are also refreshments available for purchase.

Diagnostic imaging suite

Our St. Louis center has the testing equipment most patients need, including MRI and X-ray technology. In the diagnostic suite, you will receive any updated imaging or testing you may need prior to surgery. We hope you’ll find our imaging suite most convenient, as it means you won’t need to travel to any additional locations to get the care you need.

Preoperative area

You will begin your day of surgery in our preoperative area, a space designed for comfort. You will meet with your surgeon and anesthesiologist to review the final surgical order before heading into one of our Class-C operating rooms. You’ll be able to ask any lingering questions you may have so that you are feeling as calm and relaxed as possible going in to your surgery.

Operating room

Our St. Louis facility is home to three operating rooms. These rooms are prepared with all of the state-of-the-art equipment needed for our minimally invasive outpatient procedures. Our board-certified surgeons+ utilize the latest technology and surgical techniques.

Postoperative area

After your procedure, you will spend next 60 to 90 minutes in our postoperative area. This will allow our skilled staff to closely monitor your vitals while you wake up from the anesthesia to ensure you are recovering as expected.

For more information about our surgery center in St. Louis, contact Laser Spine Institute today. If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for our minimally invasive outpatient surgery, we will gladly provide you with a free MRI review.*