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Common spine conditions explained by the St. Louis-based orthopedic experts of Laser Spine Institute

The medical team at Laser Spine Institute St. Louis is committed to patient-centered care. This means treating people, not just medical conditions, and a big part of that is patient education. Knowing about the causes of your neck and back pain can help you and your physician make treatment decisions with the best chance of getting you back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

There are many spine conditions that can cause chronic pain, from arthritic bone spurs to herniated discs. The following collection of articles can help you better understand the spine and some of the issues that affect it.

The minimally invasive spine surgery we perform at Laser Spine Institute St. Louis is an alternative to traditional open spine procedures, which often require large incisions and lengthy recovery times.^ If you are considering surgery after weeks and months of conservative treatment has not brought relief, reach out to our dedicated team today. We can provide a no-cost MRI review* to see if you may be a candidate for one of our minimally invasive outpatient procedures.