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Spinal bone spur surgery types and benefits as explained by Laser Spine Institute of St. Louis, MO

Bone spur surgery is one option for addressing spinal bone spurs that do not respond to conservative treatment. While many people are able to manage their symptoms with medications, physical therapy and other nonsurgical treatments, others eventually choose to explore their surgical options if conservative therapies do not produce the desired results.

That said, not everyone who chooses to have bone spur surgery needs to have an invasive operation. Some people are good candidates for minimally invasive procedures, which are performed through small incisions using muscle-sparing techniques. As compared to traditional open spine surgery, some potential benefits of minimally invasive bone spur surgery include:

  • A shorter recovery time^
  • A lower complication rate^
  • Less scarring

The goals of surgical treatment

Traditional and minimally invasive procedures are performed using different approaches, but the goal is the same: to alleviate compression of a spinal nerve root or the spinal cord. Some surgeries are performed to remove part or all of a spinal bone spur. Other procedures are designed to create additional space within the spinal canal to make more room for compressed nerves.

How to choose the right type of surgery

With both traditional and minimally invasive options to consider, it can be difficult to know which type of surgery to choose (or even if surgery is necessary at all). A surgeon can provide a tailored recommendation based on a comprehensive review of a patient’s symptoms, medical history and imaging results. Factors to take into consideration include the patient’s lifestyle, specific diagnosis, personal preferences and overall health.

Learn more about the options at Laser Spine Institute

Laser Spine Institute is the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, offering several types of outpatient procedures for spinal bone spurs and other spine conditions. Our surgeries are performed by board-certified surgeons+ who are fully committed to helping our patients find pain relief. To learn more about minimally invasive bone spur surgery at Laser Spine Institute of St. Louis, contact us today.