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MRI Review Available for Laser Spine Institute's St. Louis Patients

At Laser Spine Institute, our goal is to help people get back to the lives their pain has prevented them from living. We understand chronic pain and symptoms can have a devastating impact on your ability to enjoy life, which is why we are committed to making your journey to relief as streamlined as possible. Our skilled and expert medical staff will review the most recent copy of your MRI or CT scan to begin the candidacy process. In order to best serve each of our patients, we offer this streamlined an initial review in three formats:

Phone Review

Nearly 60 percent of our patients choose to travel to see us. Because of this, we offer our MRI review over the phone to eliminate any unnecessary travel. We understand living with pain can become unbearable, which is why we have developed our streamlined patient experience to allow our skilled Patient Empowerment Consultants to walk you through our initial steps over the phone in the comfort of your own home.

Initial Consultation

For those who live within a drivable distance of one of our regional centers, we offer an initial consultation at our center with one of our expert physicians. During this time the physician will review your images with you, explaining your conditions and our potential treatment solutions.


Because our patients are spread all across the nation, we offer seminars across the United States to allow you to learn more and sit with one of our physicians to review your MRI or CT scan. These seminars allow you an in-depth look into our streamlined patient experience as well as our procedures and available treatment options.

For more information regarding obtaining your MRI review, contact Laser Spine Institute today.